Building An Empire Through Real Estate


Building An Empire Through Real Estate

June 9, 2022

How much do you really need?


Do you know that amongst the five essential needs for life in modern times is shelter? The list of these needs is; food, water, affection, sleep, and shelter. Those who settle these needs are usually on the part of happiness and fulfilment. 

Interestingly, having one of these needs met can settle the craving for others; the need for water, sleep and affection can be settled just by owning a home. You might want to ask how? Well, getting a house of your own gives you immediate access to clean water. More so, being in the comfort of your well-furnished home helps you get a better and peaceful rest after a hectic day.

So, how do we settle the need for affection? 

The answer is simple!!! 

Build Your Own Empire!!! 

There is no better place to grow love and family than in your own home.  

Homeownership is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. It is the same with you saving up money to invest in your future; you are creating a virtual savings account that would develop into material wealth over time, even for posterity.



Real estate investment is a wise venture. Despite this fact, a large number of individuals remain sceptical or uninterested in making this investment and a higher percentage attribute this to its high-priced nature. 

No doubt, buying land or a home requires money and sadly, certain events must have affected your plans greatly. For example, the covid19 pandemic, the price of crude oil falling to an all-time low, world markets shutting down for months; people losing their jobs daily, and the list of tragedies is certainly enormous.

Nonetheless, the good news is that today, with as little as 30% down payment and the many available instalment payment options that often spread across months (even a year and more), the chances of owning your dream home have increased more attainable. 

This is the best it could get, as the real estate market would keep ascending. Remember when properties in the Lekki phase 1 area were initially not priced in millions? Well, we know the story today. I admire those wise individuals who took advantage of that opportunity. 




Having established that properties are a lot cheaper today than what they would be tomorrow, what would it be for you? How long before you are on your way to bringing the empire of your dreams to reality? Would you rather wait until it becomes a pipe dream? 


Do you need a firm to walk you through this process, and giving you expert advice? 

At Ehi-kings Real Estate and Construction we provide consultancy services and guidance for our investors to have good returns on their real estate investments.


It is our mission to help actualize your dream empire that seemed impossible.


Contact us today and we will be glad to serve you!


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