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October 3, 2022

Lagos in 1960 vs Lagos in 2022

In the season of Nigeria's independence, here's how the great city of Lagos looked like 62 years ago. Lagos in 1960 Lagos is one of the most populous states in the country also the largest… Continue Reading

September 26, 2022

Why You Shouldn’t Do Real Estate Without An Agent.

Buying a property without an agent can be risky, especially if you are a new Investor. We've highlighted a few reasons why you shouldn't proceed with Real Estate Investment without the help of an agent.… Continue Reading

June 29, 2022

Real Estate In Perspective: Principles Of Investing In Real Estate

  Principles Of Investing In Real Estate   https://youtu.be/GmsvhUch8LA   When it comes to Real Estate investment, there are some basic principles an investor should know before or during investing in Real Estate. Here we… Continue Reading

June 29, 2022

Real Estate In Perspective: Frequently Asked Questions

  Frequently Asked Questions   https://youtu.be/jOJVI8IHiuM   This topic addresses the frequently asked questions from our investors and intending investors.  It is normal to want to know more about anything like real estate, business, partnership,… Continue Reading

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